world AIRLINE is organised by Global Travel Investments (GTI) Ltd that was founded in 2010 by Mike Howarth the creator and ex-Chairman of Airport Strategy & Marketing Global Training (ASM) and award-winning Routes forums. Mike previously was the Head of Scheduled Air Service Development at Manchester Airport and Hub Development Manager for Lufthansa/Business Air.

In 2010, Mike set up GTI Aviation Training that offers Premium Best Practice and Experience Exchange training and refresher training to leading Airports, Airport Authorities, Airlines, Civil Aviation Authorities, Suppliers and Handlers from all over the world.

GTI also developed the emerging destination REETEX forum which is now integrated into the world AIRLINE event.

It also has a successful Aviation Training subsidiary that specialises in 5 sectors:

  • Airport Operations
  • A-CDM
  • Airport Commercial Revenues
  • Airport Sales and Marketing
  • Airport Technology Innovation